Embracing Your Natural Beauty: Understanding Skincare

Listen to Delara Lalwani speak about what skincare is in-depth. She also digs deeper into how following the right kind of skincare routine helps one achieve a flawless skin.

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In this episode, Delara Lalwani speaks about the basics of a skincare. She focuses on the importance of choosing the right skincare products that suits one’s skin and sticking to them.
Delara Lalwani talks about picking the correct active ingredients depending on the specific skin concerns one is hoping to address. She also sheds light on some of the most preferred ingredients, including niacinamide, ceramides, and peptides.
The beauty industry is successfully becoming more inclusive by catering to people of various genders, ages, and skin tones. Models in ads, product compositions, and packaging are all examples of beauty without bias. Delara discusses her thoughts on diversity in the beauty industry and how it is changing with the passage of time.
Hear Delara speak about some at-home skincare routines using products that are readily available at home. She also elaborates on how these tips really work if they're followed religiously.

About Delara Lalwani

With over 18 years of beauty experience under her belt, Delara has done it all – from creating award winning marketing campaigns for brands like Lakme, Dove, Ponds, Pantene and SK-II to being voted as one the world’s top 100 beauty bloggers for her blog, The Beauty Wonderland, to being the founder of personalized skincare app Beauty Button. As a beauty entrepreneur, it is her mission is to empower women to achieve their beauty goals via data, technology and product.


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