Illuminating Jewels: Big, Bold and Beautiful Stones

Ali Pastorini discusses her field of expertise, which is diamonds and their authenticity. She discusses how effective marketing can aid in achieving one’s objectives, as well as her own views on natural versus lab-grown diamonds.

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In this episode, Ali Pastorini talks about how important it is to know whether a diamond is real or not. She continues by outlining some of the procedures for judging a diamond's reliability. She also emphasises the need of obtaining a diamond's confirmation of authenticity.
In this episode, Ali Pastorini discusses her own choice regarding natural versus synthetic diamonds. She also explains how the physical and chemical characteristics of lab-created diamonds are the same as those of real diamonds. She continues by talking about how both markets are doing right now.
Listen to Ali Pastorini describe how gemstones are growing in popularity these days. She continues by talking about how people are turning their engagement rings into sapphire, emerald, amethyst, jade, and other gemstones.
In this episode, Ali Pastorini discusses how effective marketing and reaching out to the right audience are critical to growing a business. She also discusses several marketing methods that will help millennials pay attention.
Hear Ali Pastorini describe why diamonds are necessary for any wedding or engagement ceremony. She offers her suggestions for physical and online marketing tactics to keep up with the quickly changing environment.

About Ali Pastorini

Ali Pastorini is one of the most important names in the jewelry industry worldwide. Businesswoman, Executive and Market Consultant, she has her own jewelry brand, Del Lima Jewelry, present in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. In 2015, she was named Senior Vice President of the World Jewelry Hub (Latin America’s 1st Diamond Exchange). With the visibility achieved with this position, Ali founded the Mubri Association in 2016, which today is in 17 countries, establishing itself in the market as one of the main Jewelers Associations.


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