Watches Are Emotions That Become Timepieces

In the DLC Talk Mitrajeet Bhattacharyya talks about one of the greatest horological inventions of all time, how he came into the world and the fine sense of design, scientific knowledge and technical innovations that makes these watches stand out from the smart watches of 21st century.

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Mitrajit, introduces himself and what lured him into the world of watches, which are often called timepieces, collected in vintage deposit boxes, and kept as heirlooms.
Mitrajit talks about how to choose a watch. Moreover, he discusses the emotions and feelings associated with wearing a watch all the time.
In this episode, he talks about the different ways he has helped people learn about timepieces. He explains how horologists design, build, and repair watches, and the experience of owning one is unparalleled, as is his hands-on experience with crafting and repairing watches.
He takes us through the emotional aspect of a timepiece, especially when the Gen Next does not wear a watch and spends their time on their mobile phone or tablet, and how these watches stand out as works of art whose aesthetic matches their technological brilliance.

About Mitrajit Bhattacharya

Experienced Publisher & CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Strong media and communication professional skilled in Advertising Sales, Market Research, Brand Management, Marketing Strategy, and Magazines. Also a published author with multiple lifestyle books to his credit. As a consultant in the luxury vertical and a columnist, has emerged as a powerful voice. His brand interface consulting outfit- The Horologists provide end of end solution to luxury brands. His latest venture- The Corner Room Project is India’s only influencing platform on men’s luxury.


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