Put A Ring on It: Wedding Planning and more

Ms. Shreya Dakshesh Mistry discusses the enormous realm of wedding preparation and the aspects in which she specializes. She also discusses how she founded 60 Seconds Asia and what it entails.

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Listen to Shreya Mistry discuss the importance of individuality, which she personally values. A unique wedding, she continues, allows people to feel rooted and revitalized. It also provides a wealth of memories to reflect on.
Listen to Ms. Shreya Mistry discuss the benefits of incorporating traditional and modern components into a wedding or event. She goes on to explain how, considering current industry trends, it makes an aesthetically pleasing space.
Shreya Mistry discusses how important the venue is for the wedding day in this episode. She goes on to discuss various elements to consider when selecting a venue, including the theme, the setting (outdoor or inside), and accessibility for all visitors.
Hear Shreya Mistry explain the concept of 60 Seconds Asia. She explains how their ultimate goal is to meet a client's expectations and deliver an event that is one-of-a-kind and never repeated.

About Shreya Dakshesh Mistry

Ms. Shreya Dakshesh Mistry has a varied experience of 9 years with the event and wedding industry and since then she has been unstoppable. She has worked in Wedding & Event Production, Hospitality & Logistics Management, Brand Management and every aspect of industry possible and with natural sense of leadership she decided to start her own venture to bring more value to the clients and the industry.


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