Confronting Inevitable Challenges: Security Strategies and Public Safety

Sunil Saxena debuts his DLC podcast as he guides the listeners through the most passively active functions of any event: security.

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Sunil Saxena explains how remaining unnoticed is the paramount goal and how security teams aim to achieve this by maximizing efficiency.
In this episode, Mr. Saxena takes the listener through the process of analysing for potential problems that could occur at any given event and how he prepares his team for the same.
This episode continues the theme of focusing on the details of the event like crowd capacity, start and end time, etc. and accordingly laying down the elements like entry and exit point, workforce, etc. He emphasizes paying attention to the details of each event and catering to it accordingly.
In this session Mr. Saxena shares his experience of being in this industry for over 20 years and states that there is no “substitute for experience”.
Mr. Saxena concludes by stressing the importance of communication, the ability to predict and prepare for troubles, and overall competence of the entire team by working in a rigid hierarchy to ensure order.

About Sunil Saxena

Sunil Saxena is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Radiant Group who has over 20 years of experience in the security service industry. As a seasoned security expert, he supports clients by developing and launching pragmatic security programs focused on risk mitigation measures designed to protect patrons, venues, and events all while retaining high effectiveness. Sunil has a keen understanding of the consumer and security landscape in Asia and the Middle East where has worked closely with leading community members including the police and other governing authorities.


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