How to build a sustainable social venture enterprise

Ms. Pauline Laravoire guides DLC members on the voyage into corporate responsibility in terms of undertaking Social Ventures. She helps the listeners gain a deep sense of sustainability and helps them understand the role market must play in it.

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In this episode Pauline takes the listener through the meaning and basics of sustainability and social ventures in enterprises of the modern market and how it differs from governments, individuals, and NGOs.
Ms. Laravoire explains the process, nature, and importance of investing time and resources in this arena and partaking in the collective promise of building a better world.
Learn about the major divisions in the world of ventures undertaken by the most influential of corporations. She highlights the need to align your sustainability goals with the vision of your company.
This episode focuses on the steps involved in meeting your targets, details surrounding the process, and most importantly, setting achievable goals in the first place. Ms. Laravoire emphasizes the need of having responsible marketplace if we are to continue inhabiting Earth without international conflicts.
Ms. Laravoire concludes by stressing the importance of keeping a firm check on the progress of the company and the state of the environment, and updating the goals, shifting priorities in the light of new information. She encourages listeners to invest in managing resources in this sector

About Pauline Laravoire

Pauline holds a master’s degree in Sustainability and Social Innovation from HEC Paris and has developed expertise in strategy consulting, social entrepreneurship and impact assessment. Overall, Pauline has developed expertise and passion for building communities of organisations towards social and environmental impact, being notably associated with the following community-based, sustainability-focused ventures: Y-East, Youth for Sustainability India Alliance and #LearningPlanet.


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