Qualifying Title

To become a DLC Member you need to have done at least one good thing that others can learn from.

01. Entrepreneurs

Owner, founder, co-founder or controlling shareholder of a company. The said company must gross 2 million USD (or equivalent) annually.

02. Professionals

President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, CIO, CFO, CTO, COO, CXO, MD, Managing Partner or Senior Partner. Should hold the top position of a qualifying company or division. Must be directly responsible for all operations of the business or the division. Minimum $150,000 USD (or equivalent) Annual income / Compensation.

03. Young Leaders

Individual under the age of 30 who is an owner, founder or co-founder of a company that grosses more than $75,000 USD (or equivalent) annually.

Verification of Documents

These are the minimum requirements to meet for DLC Membership. Only externally certified public accountants, chartered accountants or lawyers/attorneys are approved as independent third parties to vet membership documents. The final membership approval lies at the discretion of the Membership Committee. Meeting the qualification criteria does not guarantee membership.

Membership Process


Membership Application

We have a waitlist for DLC memberships. You can join by applying here.


Application Review

Once received, your application will be reviewed by our membership team to ensure that all criteria is met.


Information & Documentation

Once your application is reviewed, Our Membership team will walk you through the next steps. To help us get to know you better, you will be requested to fill a Profile Form and submit a specific set of attested documents.


In-person Interview

Once the verification process is over, your interview will be arranged with the Membership/Chapter Director.


DLC Membership Fees

Upon acceptance into DLC by the Membership Director, Membership Committee and your Chapter Director you can pay to confirm your DLC Membership. The DLC Membership is a yearly Subscription fee of US $ 4000 and are prorated based on the fiscal month you join.


DLC Community

On becoming a member you will be inducted into DLC by your Chapter Director and invited for a member meet-and-greet.

You will gain complete access to the World’s 1st Business Platform and its offerings - DLC Knowledge, You-Turn Events, Brand Collaborations, Global Summits, as well as a wide variety of other member benefits. Discover the member offerings available to you here.


Forum Orientation and Training

Within the first three months of membership, you will also get the option to choose from or wide array of Global Forum Facilitators to go through Forum training and subsequently be be placed in a Forum.

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