The Supply Chain Revolution

Mr. Lee Griffiths talks about his lane of expertise that is supply chain and what really is it all about. He also focuses on the importance of the same.

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In this episode, listen to Mr. Lee Griffiths speak about how SCM is a crucial need of the hour. He also adds that having a supply chain manager ensures that your operations are optimal from start to finish.
Hear Mr. Lee talk about the different processes, which are also called components, that include plan, source, make, deliver, and return.
Listen to Mr. Lee speak about various steps involved in the supply chain. He elaborates on how vital it is to follow these steps to make sure the process is smooth.
Mr. Lee talks about how supply chain is a very broad career field and mentions a few functional areas, namely purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and customer service.

About Lee Griffiths

First Non-Japanese President of NNR United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Poland and Czech Republic having 30 years of working career in Supply Chain and Logistics. Honoured from the British International Freight Association for Best Airfreight service, Best Oceanfreight service and Specialist services for staff nurturing from the Global Freight awards and Best newcomer for ecommerce fulfilment, recognised by the UK Warehousing Association.


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