Scalable Digital Solutions for The Pursuit of Well-being

Teju Nageswari takes DLC members through the pleasing and delightful world of happiness and the use of tech for pursuing the same.

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Mrs Teju explains the value of learning about the issues that tend to bother most people and how self-love is an important aspect of well-being.
In this episode, Mrs Teju encourages the listeners to indulge in mindfulness as she emphasises how to take control of one’s own life.
Mrs Teju covers the aspect of being mindful and how to keep a positive attitude even when you are not in your comfort zone.
Mrs Teju talks about different ways of healing mechanisms to calm yourself when associated with different situations. She emphasizes the happiness index and how one should set their happiness goals using various happiness-based programs and health happiness apps.
Mrs Teju concludes by talking about how one needs to be committed to their goals and how one should align their thoughts, in order to have a positive approach and outlook on life.

About Teju Nageswari

Teju is one of 51 most fabulous global happiness leaders-2020, NHRD, TEDx speaker, mindfulness trainer, coach, author and a multidisciplinarian with specialisation in psychology, spirituality and technology. Her work focusing on improving happiness and wellbeing has reached close to half a million people in last 7 years and her mission to impact 50M to live a happier life, maximising their potential by enhancing their wellbeing.


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