Brushes & Strokes: Changing the Art World

Listen to Ms. Sujata Bajaj discuss how her abstract art has been exhibited all over the world. She delves deeper into the life of an artist in today’s world and how her devotion to Lord Ganesh is inspiring new trends in the art world.

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Ms. Sujata discusses the meaning of free-flowing art and the depth of abstract art in this episode. She discusses the inspiration for her abstract series.
Mr. Sujata explains how to begin designing and how to proceed in this current generation where digital art has taken over the internet, as well as how to build a business around it.
In this episode, Ms. Sujata discusses her medium of art, how she discovered her calling, and how an artist can choose their individual style by delving deep into their work.
Sujata Bajaj, an internationally known Indian abstract artist, has a special relationship with the form of Ganesha, which she has been painting, etching, and sculpting for over 30 years. A recently published book, "Ganpati," retraces this artistic journey. The book was launched at the Indian Embassy in Rome.

About Sujata Bajaj

Raised in Jaipur, Sujata Bajaj did her B.F.A initially at SNDT Pune, followed by a PhD in Tribal Art. On SH Raza’s insistence, she earned a scholarship to go to Paris and studied at the Ecole Nationale de Beaux-Arts in Paris, and has evolved an artistic lexicon all her own, fusing her Indian colour and spiritual sensibility with European textures and gradients.


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