Rolling with it: Lessons from a Wheelchair Paralympian

James Owens Roberts illustrates the lessons he has learned in his hard-knock life and passionately encourages the listeners to take motivation from his experiences.

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Mr. Roberts guides us through his personal journey of growing up with a disability that might have prevented him from walking throughout his life. Hear his emotional come-back story leading to acceptance and glory.
Mr. Roberts talks about his shifting mindset and attitude, which he credits with being the primal source of achievements. He argues that disability can be an asset for an individual on the road to their dreams with the right vision and perception.
Mr. Roberts expands upon the idea of putting yourself first before others in your life, and how focusing on yourself and your results should be the paramount target.
In this episode, Mr. Roberts emphasizes that being responsible for your own life is critical to coming out on top and shares his personal experiences from his mid to late twenties when he struggled with the same.

About James Owen Roberts

An entrepreneur, podcast-host, TEDx speaker with over 15 years of experience in exercise, diet and mindset as a coach, 2xParalympic-athlete and academic is a wheelchair basketball player and Paralympic athlete. He competed for Great Britain at the 2008-Summer Paralympics in Beijing, finishing fifth in the trunk-and-arm classification in adaptive-rowing. He also competed for Great Britain at the 2012-Summer-Paralympics in London, finishing 8th in the sitting-volleyball.


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