The Science of Success: Understanding Business Strategies

Mr. Rajinder Bhatia discusses his area of expertise, business unit plans, as well as several government policies that are critical in the policy-making process. Hear him discuss how to improve your leadership abilities.

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Listen to Mr. Rajinder, a self-driven company leader, speak about some of the business unit strategies in this episode. He goes on to say that a competitive strategy focuses on how a business unit will compete against its market competitors. He also discusses some of the benefits of doing so.
Mr. Rajinder has extensive knowledge of government regulations, so listen to him speak about their importance. As a result of this, the company's resources and reputation are protected. Maintaining ethical consistency is also crucial for building client trust, according to him.
Mr. Rajinder's expertise in defence and aerospace is one of his many, so listen to him explain what defence manufacturing is all about. He goes on to say that the goal is to boost indigenous defence design, development, and manufacture.
Mr. Rajinder Bhatia discusses the importance of leadership skills. In this episode, he goes into greater detail about the importance of communication, motivation, responsibility, and creativity.

About Rajinder Bhatia

Rajinder heads the areas of Defence, Aerospace and Homeland Security of Kalyani Group of Companies. A self driven business leader capable of starting a new business and converting it into a world class competitive unit, Rajinder possesses an in depth knowledge of government regulations, policies and procedures having been part of the policy making process.


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