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Business Forums are a generic word however, DLC Forums constitute a peer group of 6 to 10 members which remain together for life and meet once a month in a non-competing, non - judgmental, highly confidential environment.



We have designed a unique 360 support platform to address the vacuum of a support system Leaders truly need in todays VUCA World.

Be it through the formation of the DLC Forum Process with an agenda which at its core extends beyond monthly meetings and incorporates a comprehensive 12 month Growth Calendar, or the creation of the DLC Forums app which includes the first of its kind In meeting Screen to assist virtual and in person Forums to a degree previously unexplored.

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Types of Forums
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Chapter Forums

For those who prefer the intimacy of a monthly physical meeting, chapter forums are an ideal option. Interact, converse and share experience with Forumites who are from the same Chapter City as you. Monthly in-person meetings offer a chance to build deeper connections. Physical meetings tend to last longer and arereccomended to be followed by a social interaction / dinner after the conclusion of the monthly meeting agenda.

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Regional Forums

Offers the perfect balance for those who wish to gain a broader perspective and experience share with Forumites beyond their chapter city but wish to be more locally connected to members within their region. Monthly meetings will be held online. However, owing to the closer proximity, Forumites might find it beneficial to hold more In-Person Forum Meetings besides the two mandatory In-person Forum Retreats.

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Global Forums

For those who want to learn of the business practices, culture and personal experiences from Forumites hailing from diverse countries. Gain a truly global perspective comprising of the same 6 to 10 Forumites from across the world. By blurring geographical boundaries, monthly meetings will be held online, culminating in two mandatory in-person Forum Retreats every year.

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DLC Global Forums Committee is composed of experienced and recognized Forum Facilitators from all over the globe. Having come on board with sheer passion for our vision.

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