Beyond Just Fragrances: How to Select Yours!

Sheetal Desai guides the listeners through the glamourous world of perfumes and fragrances. She helps the members learn about the extensive variety of scents, sources, and the nature of this elegant product.

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Creating a fragrance is like magic and understanding the nodes to create a long-lasting fragrance should be the key to a mesmerizing fragrance.
Understanding the fragrance flavour industry is what this episode is all about. Hear Sheetal break into the industry by elaborating the sources and extracts of each fragrance family.
Sheetal talks about how to profile different fragrances, the way to identify different notes and gives an insight into the world of fragrances. She digs deeper into understanding the right base for your perfumes and the story behind each of these families.
Fragrances are used from head to toe at all times, hence understanding the beauty and art behind each fragrance is what this episode is all about. Hear Sheetal elaborate the how fragrances are used in different formats and the right way to use them.

About Sheetal Desai

An entrepreneur at heart and mind, for the past 25 years Sheetal has worked closely and directly in all aspects of the fragrance business. She is committed to empowering individuals & institutions into the fascinating world of fragrances by introducing luxury bespoke fragrances in various formats, tailored to their preferences and personality through her premium fragrance innovations firm SD Scents and luxury fragrance house wiSDom.


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