Human Resources: Restoring Lives

Nick Marsh speaks passionately about his career in human resources. Through his strategies, he helps the employees and organizations. In the podcast, he discusses how AI is also making people’s lives easier and how it contributes to the advancement of technology.

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Nick Marsh starts the podcast talking about the right approach towards the HR and it should be taken out in any organisation. How can be the company, CEO’s and employees can benefit from the strategic approach towards
Nick talks about the role of women in the workforce and how they should be treated equally globally. He speaks outspokenly about the responsibility placed on head departments in organisations to ensure that women are doing more than just the stereotypical work.
Learn about the promises and challenges offered by this groundbreaking tech, and hear Nick ponder upon the possibilities of where AI is headed and where it can lead the other industries.
As the workplace environment changes, Nick talks about strategies that can be used to keep employees motivated and happy. Additionally, he believes a new approach to recruitment is crucial to retaining the current generation.

About Nick Marsh

Sheffield Hallam University alumnus, Nick is an Executive Search Expert. He was a Speaker at the CISCO Global CIO Summit, MWC China, Canalys Europe and Asia Forums, Asia CIO Conferences and has been featured on Bloomberg and CNBC. Recipient of the ‘Champion for the Advancement of Women Award 2020’, Nick is also a Mentor at the University of Hong Kong and Governor of Kellett School


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