Exploring how to live sustainably

Leila goes into great depth on corporate social responsibility and generosity in the modern world. She talks about how industries are changing and how concerns about CSR are growing every day. She also talks about the moral dilemmas involved and how we might conserve something for the future.  

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In this episode, Leila describes what CSR and philanthropy mean across the world, what the purpose of having a separate sector is, and what the benefit of it is. She also goes through the legalisation process and the current coverage it has.
Leila discusses international investment treaties and how modifications to these investments and treaties have an impact on the global market. She also discusses how it has evolved over time to meet changing market demands.
Leila discusses various dimensions of CSR, which go beyond charitable giving and volunteer labor, in this last episode. The wider picture of CSR is always considered, but how the strategy evolves over time is also taken into consideration.

About Leila Choukroune

Leïla Choukroune is Professor of International Law and Director of the University of Portsmouth Theme in Democratic Citizenship. A passionate crusader of CSR & Human Rights, Leila was Director of Centre of Social Sciences & Humanities CSH in India. She is a proud Officer of “l’Ordre du mérité” (Knight of the Order of Merit – conferred by the French government)


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