Importance of Intellectual Property & how to protect it

Listen to Rafael Pereira instruct about Intellectual Property by sharing his experience of amalgamating law and business in the creative industry.

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Rafael Pereira sheds light on intellectual property and the right mindset to own intellectual property rights. Hear him give some vital insights into the world of IP and how to monetize the same.
Rafael gives practical examples from his learnings as a corporate lawyer in the creative industry. Hear him explain why entrepreneurs need to have a legal mindset in order to safeguard their intellectual property rights at all times
Rafael gives a quick run-through of the pros and cons of investing in intellectual property rights. Hear him talk about various tax policies in order to amplify one’s strategic investment plan.
He explains how Intellectual Property can be seen as a bundle of property rights that protect “creations of the mind” in various circumstances. How these rights can be crucial for your business, not only to protect your creations but also to provide useful business tools that can be exploited commercially. He shares some practical tips and steps to work for your intellectual property and protect it.

About Rafael Pereira

An intellectual property strategist working at the intersection of Law & Business relating to Technology, Entertainment, Arts & Culture. He is managing partner of Tinnuts a new age intellectual property law firm where he works with creators across disciplines and entrepreneurs across sectors. A Berkeley Law graduate, Rafael has built a career as an entrepreneur with multiple ventures in the Creative Industry in Southeast Asia.


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