How to implement net zero for your organization

Mr. Jimmy Sah is finally back with another podcast, this time tackling the issue of achieving net zero emissions soon and incrementally moving towards the larger goal of leaving a better planet behind for our children than we inherited from our parents.  

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Jimmy Sah explains the term Net Zero, the idea it refers to, and its imperative function in mitigating climate change.
In this episode Mr. Sah further expands upon the need to achieve it collectively as a planet, and strategically as an organization. He reminds the listeners that net zero, at least for the CO2 emissions, is where global warming stops accelerating.
This episode focuses on reducing GHG emissions by the methods of increasing carbon storage, broadly referred to as Carbon Offset. He shares his experience of working on projects of this nature with different companies.
Mr. Sah concludes by encouraging corporations and companies to enhance their sustainability ratings and help in creating a world with fewer global problems than the current years.

About Jimmy Sah

A Carbon & Sustainability professional working for past 15 years with Corporates & Companies to enhance Sustainability ratings, reduce GHG emissions and maximise Carbon credits revenue. He was awarded as most influential Sustainability leaders of India in 2019. He has been associated as an Auditor with SGS and TUV Nord under Climate Change department before establishing his consulting firm “Infinite Solutions” in 2015.


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