Novel and Creative Ways to Build Wealth: Ingenious Avenues – Natalie Gandhi

Dr. Natalie Gandhi guides the listeners through the colossally decisive world of wealth creation and generating output, as she talks about her areas of expertise and professional pursuits.

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4 Episodes

1. Connecting with entrepreneurs and investors in funding scenarios 2. Venture capital investing 3. International business endeavours
1. Growing programs 2. Developing organizations
1. Commercializes R&D science. 2. Understanding research-backed tech 3. Pursuing science and high-tech development
1. Wonder 2. Exploration 3. Growth

About Natalie Gandhi

AvestaQuest is the fund of funds for creative entrepreneurial growth. Philosopher and Entrepreneur, Natalie believes “the world offers infinite avenues for wonder, exploration, and growth”. Natalie is WZCC’s founding member, Chair and Director Emeritus and SPIRE’s, Stanford Professionals in Real Estate’s Founding Circle.


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