How to think like a Marketing Genius?

Mr. Rajesh Srinivasan takes the listeners through the pioneering sphere of modern marketing strategies as he narrates the distilled wisdom based on his professional experience.

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Mr. Rajesh Srinivasan begins by talking about the modern marketing approach and the 3 ideas you will need to have to grow your business and build a great brand in the digital era.
Mr. Rajesh talks about how to identify a market gap and position your brand accordingly in the market. Understand the triangle better with some case studies explained by him.
Rajesh explains how to foster disruptive thinking using the movie analogy.
Rajesh will help you to understand the diverse skills, knowledge and thinking abilities of a brilliant marketing team.
Mr. Rajesh concludes by highlighting the differences between good and great marketing strategists as he lists the points of distinction.

About Rajesh Srinivasan

An alumnus of IIM, Lucknow with over 20 years of experience, Rajesh advises CEOs on marketing and business growth. He is the author of the book – Marketing Success Formula and co-authored two books “Shifting Gears” and “Stay Hungry; Stay Bullish”. He is frequently invited to deliver keynote speaking sessions and workshops. He was appointed as the Jury Board Member by Economic Times.


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