The Dramatic Stages of Directing in Entertainment: Lessons from the Sphere of Theatre

Mr. Taher Ali leads the members of DLC to the realm of theatre and entertainment as talks about the lessons and his journey into this expressive world.

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The beginning of everything

Listen to Taher discuss his own journey to become a writer and how he developed a love for theatre and all forms of art.

3 Min 25 Sec


Stories Matter Most

Taher discusses the value of passing along stories to future generations in this episode. Every story has a hook that draws in more viewers, and in every case, the story always comes first in terms of performing; it never works the other way around.

3 Min 44 Sec


Ideal Time for Short Films: Smartphones and the Internet

Taher talks about how the rise of the internet and cell phones has changed how people today consume entertainment. With so many platforms at our disposal, he discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the internet and how it might have a positive impact on the future of short films.

10 Min 32 Sec


Forms and Vision: Role of a Director

Taher shares his passion for different Theatrical forms which are unknown to majority of people and why it is important to keep the history of art alive. He shares his experience as a director and role of a director in executing and manufacturing vision

4 Min 9 Sec


Know Your Element

Taher presents his expertise in theatre elements: script, process, product, and audience. In this episode, he discusses how he creates a storyline and how it is important to know your skill set and why it is important to have passion.

4 Min 20 Sec

About Taher Ali Baig

Taher is a Film maker, Playwright, Director & Producer of repute. His short film titled Fitrat in 2020 with Sudhanshu Pandey in the lead earned accolades at various film festivals across the globe. Taher has made advertising and corporate videos for clients like Kiana Skin Care, Optimus Manufacturers Pvt Ltd, Volvo Cars. His new feature film releases in 2022.


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