The Art of Creating Timeless Fashion

Karnika Kisnadwala will take you through the wide world of fashion through her eyes and give you an insight into what her brand is all about. She will also shed light on how she brought Kaanjj into life.

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In this episode, you will hear Karnika talk about how she created her brand Kaanjj. Hear her break into what Kaanjj has to offer and the purpose behind it. Karnika focuses on how to create a purposeful brand vision for our listeners.
Hear Karnika speak about what fashion means to her on a personal level and focus on today’s fashion trends.
As Karnika and her mother, Sonal both are all about art and fashion, they wanted their brand to be unique and let art be centric. She will speak about traditional art forms and the way artists perceive art.
Listen to Karnika discuss the current mix of trendy attire and how it can make an impression everywhere you go. Mixing and matching outfits can be enjoyable and result in classic style.
Giving back and making a difference is the core idea of Kaanjj. Hear Karnika talk about kaanjj being a socially and environmentally conscious brand and how one needs to create a sustainable vision for a brand.

About Karnika Kisnadwala

Founder & CEO of Kaanjj based in London, New York & Bombay. Kaanjj is a curated collective of 50 plus South Asian emerging designers & artisans. Born in New York and later living in London & Hong Kong, she exemplifies the melting pot of style and taste that embodies the modern individual. Using the knowledge she gained from experiences through her life, education and work; Karnika felt best placed to make her and her mothers vision for KAANJJ a reality.


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