The Holy Grail of Branding: Secrets of Sought-After Conglomerates

Mihika Bhanot guides the listeners through the voyage of creating a brand image that inspires and generates an audience and following for the corporations at hand. Take a stroll through the powerful strategies that she has learned over 15 years and understand the art of branding.

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Mihika talks about the true essence of image consulting and unwinds the traditional mindset of people on this concept. Hear her talk about the “ A B C D E” on image consulting and how she helps individuals and corporates understand their brand image at its best.
Enter the world of mystery shopping with Mihika Bhanot. She takes the listeners to a whole new approach to buying things which is value for money, effective and efficient to use.
Mihika explains the different styles in image consulting and the purpose behind each style and form. She talks about the importance of implementing personal styling tips to enhance one’s personality.
Hear Mihika give some ever-green styling tips and style statements. Get some insights into fashion and the way to style your look with minimum touch-ups

About Mihika Bhanot

15 years in styling and image consulting, Mihika is One of the Top 10 Youngest Image Consultants in the World. She holds a World Record for the Largest Personality Development and Confidence Building Workshop conducted at multiple venues. She is also the Youngest Indian to have been internationally certified as an Image Consultant. And has trained 10,800+ participants from all walks of life.


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