Let that sink in: Lessons from running an O2O Commerce Ecosystem

Mr. Mathew Kordolia guides the listeners through the gripping world of O2O commerce and his experience as an industry expert. He shares his professional wisdom and beautifully narrates the rising importance of digital markets.

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Mr. Mathew explains why discounts work, and the role they play in the marketplace. In this episode, Mr. Mathew recalls his experience of dealing with the sudden lockdowns of 2020, and the lessons he learnt from running a business that dealt in both offline consumers and online.
This episode focuses on the business model of Mr. Mathew’s “Great Discount Place.” Mr Mathew explains the business “O2O: offline to online”, how it works, what it means to operate a business that connects to audiences, and his experience of starting this enterprise.
Mr. Mathew ponders upon the future of the digital markets, their changing nature and share in the market, and the impact they will have on the economy. He concludes on a hopeful note and a message of encouragement to the entrepreneurs and leaders of today.

About Mathew Kordolia

Mathew Kordolia has over 20+ years in events, entertainment and artist management across India. Currently the founder of Great Voucher Place, an O2O (Offline to Online) commerce, that has taken transparency as the core objective between the consumer and the partner in India. With a simple mission of attracting consumers offline – Habituate them – migrate them online.


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