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DLC is a social enterprise using cutting edge technology & content working towards building a world that is better, stronger & kinder. We help in creating future fit organizations by positively impacting the lives of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders



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Leaders are always lonely at the top and we want to challenge this status quo by causing a positive impact in the lives of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders.

We believe DLC will be the catalyst to transform people from

A Life of Success to a Life of Significance.

There isn’t a single common platform that offers business and lifestyle knowledge. There are domain specific trade organisations; however, they lack the ‘range’ of more diverse experiences across multiple fields. The need is to stay relevant to stay ‘Future Fit’ because complex modern problems demand that we bridge experiences and knowledge from multiple fields.


There isn't a single business platform across domains that offers support system to entrepreneurs, professionals and young leaders for their day-to-day business & lifestyle decisions. With this in mind, DLC Founder, Jimmy Mistry harnessed design thinking methodology to identify 26 business and lifestyle knowledge streams for the modern leader.

For each Knowledge Stream, he has assembled a committee of pre-eminent domain experts. These high-powered committees are the intellectual powerhouses of DLC, led with a singular mission of enriching the lives of members and helping them in the journey of being Transformative Leaders.

Someone who will Re-invigorate a company, Re-invent an industry and Re-boot society.


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Della Leaders Club is a Global Community of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders created to positively impact the world, via the medium of the World’s 1st Business Platform offerings DLC Forums, DLC Knowledge, Brand Collaborations, DLC Social Imapact, DLC Genie, YouTurn Events, 19 Global Summits and Chapter Retreats.

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We are team of more than 100 problem solvers with offices & studios in more than 15 cities across the globe.
The founder Jimmy Mistry is a first-generation serial entrepreneur & has set up seven businesses and clearly understand how difficult and lonely the journey can be. Having felt the lack of a support system in his life he wanted to create a global community that shares knowledge and intelligence. This led to the conceptualization of the Della Leaders Club.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We believe DLC will be the catalyst to transform people from

"A life of Success to a life of Significance"


It is our mission to create a global community of transformative leaders who want to

Re-Invigorate Companies
Re-Invent Industries
Re-Boot Societies


Most leaders start with a great idea and immense passion; what they never start out with is a handbook. Today we live in an age where there is an App for everything. Even though domain knowledge and trade organisations are plenty, there doesn’t exist a single business platform with unbiased, curated and geared content for time-starved Entrepreneurs and C-Suite.

Thus, the inception of DLC was solely to provide its members with filtered business knowledge and experiences that cater to their unique challenges and fulfils the void of a one-stop avenue that helps leaders lead with ease.

Our Purpose

Della Leaders Club by Jimmy Mistry

As a first-generation serial entrepreneur, I’ve set up seven businesses and I understand how difficult and lonely the journey can be. Having felt a vacuum for a support system in my life I wanted to positively impact the global business community in these unprecedented times. This led to the conceptualization of DLC.

Through the past two-and-a-half decades, I have been fortunate to design for some of the most successful entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, celebrities and socialites. I’ve designed everything from their corporate HQs and offices to their luxury homes, from yachts to media houses.

As a part of my ‘design thinking’ process, I have tried to understand their in-depth business acumen, their lifestyles and subsequently synthesized an underlying commonality – they all want to learn and stay ahead of the curve.

Being a member of Entrepreneurs Organization [EO] Platinum, I was introduced to the concept of Forums and will absolutely vouch for it being a complete game changer in a leader’s life. The pandemic made me sit down and think how I could bring the Forum experience, peer-to-peer business knowledge and lifestyle to a much larger section of the entrepreneurial and leadership community.

Using my experiences, I resolved to set up a highly curated, technology enabled global platform unlike any other, so that our members can evolve from a Life of Success to a Life of Significance.

Jimmy Mistry

Jimmy Mistry

Founder & CEO


15 chapters- June 2021
Phase 1
15 chapters- June 2021
City Country
New York USA
London UK
Dubai UAE
Hong Kong China
Singapore Singapore
Bangkok Thailand
Mumbai India
Delhi India
Bengaluru India
Hyderabad India
Chennai India
Kolkata India
Pune India
Ahmedabad India
Indore India
30 chapters- Jan 2022
Phase 2
30 chapters- Jan 2022
City Country
Los Angeles USA
Chicago USA
San Francisco USA
Washington, DC USA
Houston USA
Boston USA
Sydney Australia
Qatar Qatar
Moscow Russia
Tokyo Japan
Nagpur India
Baroda India
Jaipur India
Chandigarh India
Amritsar India
45 chapters- June 2022
Phase 3
45 chapters- June 2022
City Country
Toronto Canada
Birmingham UK
Paris France
Barcelona Spain
Milan Italy
Frankfurt Germany
Johannesburg South Africa
Shanghai China
Guangzhou China
Seoul South Korea
Lucknow India
Ludhiana India
Surat India
Kochi India
Goa India

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