Coaching organizations: Towards a sustainable future

Ms. Lee discusses her experience mentoring, coaching organisations, and sharing her expertise with novel ideas such as the VUCA world. Her goal is to help organisations have a long-term future, and she plans to do it by sharing her experience.

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Angela discusses the current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, how we can work more efficiently, and how she wishes to create innovative ideas to coach organisations and make the best of the VUCA world.
Angela uses her career coaching and mentoring skills to help organisations improve and work more efficiently toward a better future, both financially and mentally. She discusses how coaching can boost an organisation's overall productivity.
Angela believes that everyone should learn certain values to grow personally and form a core team that will benefit both the organisation and its employees. She speaks about the values she strives to instill in organisations and employees.
Hear Angela discuss her latest book, "Love the Lead, Lead with LOVE," which is a collection of stories that explore many aspects of love in both personal and professional life. Angela discusses an excerpt from her book, How Can Love Help You Become a Better Leader?

About Angela Lee

An ICF certified coach, Certified organizational coach, and mentor coach, Angela is a seasoned, innovative, and energetic coach and HR professional with 25 years of experience across Asia-Pacific in various industries across public, private sectors, and NGOs. She utilizes elements of positive psychology to bring clients to a greater degree of self-awareness and to achieve positive behavioral change, enabling them to achieve their ultimate outcomes.


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