Key factors influencing the loyalty of the employee

Mr. Gosh takes the listener through one of the most paramount goals of an organization: earning the loyalty of their respective workers. Mr. Gosh shares his acquired knowledge, spanning over 20 years in the field of HR, in the form of this podcast and urges the listeners to develop and curate habits and practices that generate unflinching loyalty. Take a stroll through this 5-parter podcast and learn the ways to retain and create talent and optimal output.

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Mr. Ghosh explains the journey of curating an environment where the employees feel equally safe and driven by building experiences for them that leads to a sense of belonging and nurtures loyalty, not obedience.
In this episode, Mr. Ghosh walks the listener through the difference between loyalty extending to the employee’s homes and fragile support. He focuses on avoiding cliches and hollow gestures that do not resonate in the modern economy.
Learn about the strategies and practices that work in businesses today. Mr. Ghosh highlights the value of encouraging employees' participation in the development of the company and rewarding them proportionally to retain their trust.
Mr. Ghosh concludes by emphasizing how to transform people’s attitudes towards their professional space, and why this relationship should be a priority for leaders.

About Subhankar Ghosh

Subhankar is a Human Resource professional with MBA in HR & 20 yrs of experience in Transformational HR functions in renowned MNCs and Indian organizations. Pirmac Group’s activities span across real estate, retailing, angel investing ventures, e-commerce distribution and logistics. Subhankar formed the CSR department in Pirmac Group, worked closely with NGOs, trained less fortunate people to make them employable.


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