Exploring Sounds: The vast Universe of Music

Abhijeet Sawant talks about what music means to him and the vastness of the universe of music. He also sheds light on how he dwelled his way into the music industry and some of his projects.

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Abhijeet Sawant explains why music is the finest form of art and the most direct expression of beauty. He goes on to discuss numerous musical styles that have left an influence on individuals. He also discusses how traditional music continues to hold a place in many people's hearts.
Listen to Abhijeet Sawant discuss how practice is essential for improving one's talents. In which, he focuses on various elements that consist vocal training, mouth yoga, and more. He speaks about how consistent rehearsal helps keep the voice in tune, strike the notes correctly, and modulate it effectively.
Abhijeet Sawant discusses keeping confident and controlling nerves during or before a performance in this episode. He also offers some advice, like positive affirmations of skills and abilities, deep breathing to be cool and stable before performance, and more.
Listen to Abhijeet Sawant discuss how to reach your music industry ambitions. He goes on to suggest that facing your risks, remaining competitive, and joining the appropriate team are all crucial.

About Abhijeet Sawant

An Indian singer, television actor, anchor and the winner of Indian Idol (Season 1), an adaptation of the Pop Idol format. He was the first runner up of Clinic All Clear – Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar and finished third in Asian Idol. Joined the Shiv Sena with a mandate to attract youth to the party fold. Abhijeet has had albums with companies like Sony BMG Music India, Universal Music India.


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