The Origin of Whisk(e)y

Hear Uday Balaji give a rundown to our listeners about the origins of whiskey and the stories behind each of their origins.

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Uday Balaji introduces himself as the whiskey advisor, giving us a glimpse into the world of whiskey and its origin tale.
Uday Balaji talks about the origin of whisk(e)y, And how whisky spread across the world, specifically to the top 5 whisky nations. (15 mins)
Uday Balaji talks about whisky beyond the traditional whisky world and how new styles have emerged from South America to Africa, Australia and beyond. (7.5 mins)
He talks about Indian whisky and the emergence of the award-winning Indian single malt category. (7.5 mins)

About Uday Balaji

Whisky Evangelist & Founder of The Whisky Advisor, a firm offering a range of whisky services- Events, Tours, Education and more. He has travelled to over 100 distilleries and whisky experiences across Scotland, Ireland, Japan, the USA, Taiwan, India and beyond. He represents the prestigious Whisky Ambassador Program in India and is India’s first and only Executive Bourbon Steward.


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