How Google has set a benchmark in terms of Employee Engagement and Culture Development

How Google has set a benchmark in terms of employee engagement and culture development. Shivansh Pratap Singh takes the listener on a journey through the world’s most envied work culture and dives deep into the internal operations of Google. Explore what sets their environment apart from the rest of the business world.

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The hard-earned reputation of the world's greatest search engine came as a direct result of policies enacted in the interest of their employees in a manner that works for the company. But how unique are those policies?
Shivansh talks about the innovative & statistically backed-up marketing strategies that he has provided to clients globally. There are different approaches used by Google to make the employee’s life better, their 20% approach rule makes sure that 20% of an employee's time is spent on pursuing ideas that they are passionate about
Concluding on the emphasis that the pursuit to have a space which brings joy to the employees by collectively enhancing their motivation and increasing workforce productivity

About Shivansh Pratap Singh

Shivansh has provided innovative marketing strategies with statistical back-up to 100+ global clients that gave practical solutions to their problems that helped them succeed digitally.Leading his tech team, he aims to strike a work-life balance,work environment culture and welfare as per Google renowned standards.His responsibility is to ensure that 20% of an employee’s time is spent in pursuing innovative ideas which they are passionate about


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