Modern Abstracts and Traditional Designs: Integrating Epochs

Mr. Sreejit Jeevan leads the way into the magnificent and ornate world of fashion as he talks about his work and the industry, ranging from traditional designs to contemporary articles.  

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Sreejith begins the podcast by addressing the history of what we now refer to as "fashion" and where to look for traditional sources of inspiration. He discusses the fashion business and its most recent trends in detail.
In this episode, he deconstructs the idea of emergence in fashion considering current trends. Furthermore, he explains how fashion is always evolving and changing with the times, as well as how technology is assisting the sector.
He explains his strategy for dealing with obstacles in the creative sector in the third episode. He has experimented and taken chances, and in the end, his boldness has paid off.
Sreejith explores about merging of previous generations' prodigies and skill as the podcast comes to an end. He incorporates the raw artistic potential of his models into a line of garments and provides his projections for the future of the fashion industry.

About Sreejith Jeevan

An amulni of École Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. Sreejith Jeevan is a textile designer from Chennai. He won the Best fashion film award at Lakme Fashion Week in 2014. Rouka began making handloom masks during Covid pandemic. Sreejith personally transported members of his production staff to and fro work every day thus providing them livelyhood.


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