Ethically Evolving Economy: Driving into a Safe Future

Jehaan Kotwal guides the listeners through the fastened and smooth world of logistics and movement in the modern economy.

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Jehaan begins the episode by discussing the issues facing the trucking industry today. He discusses the continuous challenges with these large vehicles and all the complications that go along with them, as well as the general status of logistics as he has learned through professional experience.
Jehaan carries on the discussion of how truckers advance the economy. Also covered is the idea that economic growth depends on movement.
We had never thought about tech and logistics until the pandemic taught us how important they are. Using technology, Jehaan encourages entrepreneurship and ethical practices.
Artificially driven automobiles are the future of roads. The podcast ends with Jehaan discussing other evolving technologies shaping logistics and the global future.

About Jehaan Kotwal

CEO JFK Transporters fastest growing trucking company, Founder of Good Mind and HumSafer Driver Safety Foundation. His social venture is revolutionizing trucking in India by creating the first Road Safety AI solution. Has won Mahindra Youth Personality of the year 2017 and Castrol’s Best Transporter of the year. He is also the Global Youth Director of the World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce.


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