Glowing with Ethically Produced Cosmetics

Nikita Deshpande guides the listeners towards how organic products are a boon to your skin. She also helps the members learn about how the right make up products can nourish your skin.

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In this episode, hear Nikita speak about how ethically sourced makeup and skincare works wonders for one’s skin. She also highlights how Ilana came into the picture.
Hear Nikita Deshpande speak about how using the correct number and consistency of formulas are key towards creating a top-notch organic product. She also sheds light on how “Ilana” takes care of one’s skin type.
Nikita talks about their ultimate motto of being Gratitude. She adds how important it is to be grateful towards farmers, vendors, transporters, lab technicians as they work behind the curtains and play a huge role in creating organic products.
Listen to Nikita as she talks about how timeless beauty can be and how one is beautiful in their own way. She also indulges into how makeup has nothing to do with hiding your flaws.
Ms. Nikita discusses her vision for the cosmetics industry's future and how it is currently one of the fastest growing industries. She discusses her objectives and how she can help others shine with healthy goods.

About Nikita Deshpande

Nikita Deshpande, co-founder of Ilana Organics, was introduced to the organic space during her college years. Blown away by healthy alternatives she understood that simply talking about the benefits of going organic won’t cut it. Cue: Creation of what we know today as Ilana Organics! Started in 2018 this millennial concoction has grown in leaps and bounds.


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