Why Leaders Must Be Readers

Mr. Rajeev Narayan encourages the listeners to indulge in the world of books as he takes us through the fascinating process of creating leaders through book-based learning.

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Mr. Rajeev explains the concept of learnability and starts off with “what is learnability, is it an attitude, behaviour, trait? Is it relevant more today that yesterday? What is the relation between curiosity and learnability?”
In this episode, Mr. Rajeev takes the listeners through the practice of creating capable individuals through the help of books.
Learn about the three interventions that are needed for such development, starting with “content”.
This episode continues the theme of interventions and describes the second intervention: context.
Mr. Rajeev concludes with talking about the last intervention element for development: Delivery.

About K Rajeev Narayan

Rajeev believes in “Finding the leader in you through books”. TLE is India’s only ‘book based’ leadership consulting house. TLE challenges the immunity to change in leaders and organizations through its powerful book based courses and business impact projects. TLE works in the space of SME which contributes to 29% of India’s GDP employing 40% of India’s workforce


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