Paving the way for an autonomous future

Mr. Tushar Chhabra makes his podcast debut with DLC as takes the listeners to the intricacies of AI technology, and automation in defence.

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Mr. Tushar eases the listeners into the topic by going through the basics of this revolutionary tech that he has worked on for the past 15+ years.
Get an insight into the world of AI and hear him decode automation and the major role played by AI
Mr. Tushar talks about his experience of using AI for security purposes and explains the extensive list of positives that follows.
In continuation with the previous theme, Mr Tushar expands upon his experience where he realised the importance of automation after spending six months at the border front and realising that developing countries would not be able to devote enough resources to staff every part of the border and require technology to bridge the resource gap
This episode focuses on CRON, Mr Tushar’s defence technology start-up with a core goal to work towards making people feel safer and using IoT to automate the entire process of border surveillance.
Mr. Tushar concludes by highlighting the use of AI and automation in multiple arenas, reflecting on the trends in this industry, and considering the prospects that future holds for it.

About Tushar Chhabra

BW 40 under 40, Cofounder & CEO at CRON AI CRON AI’s 3D data perception platform senseEDGE™ allows machines to perceive and learn unknown environments on the edge enabling innovators to build a safer autonomous future


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