Digital Information and Privacy Laws: Future Concerns

Ms. Khushbu Jain makes her podcast debut as she talks about the fast-paced digital space and the need for global collaborative efforts toward privacy and cyber laws. 

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Khushbu explains the concept of digital information, the role of tech giants in creating and managing the same, and the rudimentary laws seen globally in this sphere.
In this episode, Ms. Jain expands on the concept of privacy in the digital age and the need for consumers to be aware and governments to be proactive in protecting individuals’ private data.
This episode focuses on other cyber concerns of the modern Internet age as Khushbu offers solutions and precautions regarding them.
Khushbu concludes with setting the tone for the internet going forward and a need for international bodies to come together to pass stringent laws to protect civilians’ interests.

About Khushbu Jain

Practicing advocate before the Supreme Court of India, and founding partner at ARK Legal. Khushbu specializes in fraud matters and regularly conducts complex and high profile cases. Ms Jain has been helping in capacity building by imparting skills to various government and international institutions in the field of Cyber and Technology related Crime investigations. Speaks and writes extensively on subjects related to corporate Law, Privacy and cyber issues.


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