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Rojita Tiwari, the founder of Drinks & Destination talks about the popular indigenous spirits — such as Soju, Feni, Pisco, Cachaca, and Mezcal that instantly transport you to the place of origin. She brings to light how local spirits are woven into the cultural fabric of the place, alongside the many ways we can enjoy the spirits, from sipping it neat to stirring classic cocktails.

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Rojita introduces herself as an award-winning drink professional, certified taster of wine & spirits and unveils a first-of-its-kind Certified Spirits Course run by Drinks & Destinations where one takes in the advanced knowledge of indigenous spirits of the world.
Get insights into the evolving world of native and indigenous spirits. Hear Rojita explain the growing demand and the need to gain knowledge about them for the purpose of deciphering their taste into one’s tastebuds.
She takes us through the culture of drinking the native soju in S. Korea and also some of the creative cocktails that could be whipped around and paired with the Korean plates.
Hear Rojita decode the world of Sake and take you through the journey of its inception. Hear from the expert about the sake origin, ingredients used and the entire process behind its making.
Rojita breaks the myth about the world’s liquors and why few of the artisanal liquors distilled from plants complements to their otherwise healthy lifestyles.
The national drink of China needs to be consumed keeping the Chinese traditions in mind. Hear Rojita talk about the origins of Baijiu to the way it needs to be consumed.
For the longest time, feni has been a strong country liquor, that is to say, not everyone’s cup of tea. She introduces the new set of artisanal infused fenis that are instantly savoured. She talks about the new feni of Goa.

About Rojita Tiwari

Rojita is an award-winning wine & spirits writer, educator, consultant, and a certified juror at International drinks competitions. She is the Founder of Drinks & Destinations, a company specializing in wine & spirits, travel & lifestyle content, consultancy & curated events. She hosts India’s 1st drinks and travel podcast called The Drinks & Destinations Podcast. She is the former Brand Ambassador of JXB Baijiu and has also been listed twice as the Top 10 Women in Wine in India. Rojita is a Senior Specialist on the panel of International Drinks Specialists, UK.


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