Runway to Reality, Jewelry Trends staying into 2022-2023

Mamta Gupta takes the listeners through the enchanting world of jewelry trends.

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Mamta starts the podcast with talking about today’s jewelry market and how it is diversed now but it was not when she had started her business. She also talks about the changes that has come after a decade and how it is affecting the whole market.
Mamta elaborates the five most recent trends in the global jewellery sector. She goes into great detail to describe the various trends and how she works to reap the benefits of them.
Mamta offers advice on how to dress appropriately for various situations at the podcast's conclusion. In the end, it all comes down to how we may develop our own language and sense of connection with the clothing we wear.

About Mamta Gupta

Mamta Gupta is the Founding Partner of Zariin Jewelry, a global lifestyle fashion jewelry label based in India, with a mission to amplify joy in its community through the power of self-expression.


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