Inside the Vast World of Manufacturing – Atul Mathur

Listen to Mr. Atul Mathur speak about his experience in the automobile industry’s current developments. He also discusses the advantages of lean manufacturing and how it has shown to be advantageous. Listen to him explain why industrial operations management is important.

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Listen to Atul Mathur discuss lean manufacturing and its advantages in this episode. He also discusses how it boosts efficiency, cuts waste, and boosts production. He goes into detail about how these attributes lead to higher product quality, enhanced productivity, and other benefits.
Listen to Mr. Atul Mathur discuss the purpose of factory operation management, which is to assist organizations maximize efficiency, boost productivity and profitability while lowering costs, and ensure high-quality output.
The common definition of manufacturing excellence is reducing waste, increasing production profitability, and creating quality and safety innovations that give your company an edge. He offers more insights into high performance teams, how they can help to produce faster and better, and what the secret ingredient is to achieve manufacturing excellence.
Using automation engineering, Mr. Atul Mathur explains how the automobile industry is using streamlined manufacturing processes to increase production. Mr. Mathur shares what he thinks about the future of automation and how it will transform the industry.

About Atul Mathur

A Mechanical Engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee, Atul has 40 years of experience working across Engineering, Automotive & Consumer goods industries in India, SE Asia, China & Japan. He has been training & supporting Manufacturing plants to implement Manufacturing 4.0 initiatives best in class manufacturing practices.


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