hospitality In the Realm Of Metaverse

Jaibir Kohli is a hospitality entrepreneur but like any contemporary millennial understands the necessity and the immediate requirement of weaving the world of technology including the metaverse in the way hoteliers, restauranters, and hospitality professionals think and function.

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Hotelier, restauranteur, and hospitality doyen Jaibir Kohli talks about how this current generation from within his family is looking to explore the metaverse as the next step in the evolution of technology with a direct impact on the hospitality business.
Keeping up with technological evolutions is the very future of the hospitality business which is an experience-based industry. The metaverse helps overcome physical boundaries while also creating space for brand evolutions and involvement. Keeping ahead of the technological curve is the difference maker according to Jaibir and an eye-opening observation for us all.
Hoteliers overlooking the metaverse today would be the same ones who thought that booking a room via AI tools was just not possible. Jaibir understands that the industry as a whole has not always leaped to embrace technology within the hospitality domain and also equally believes that staying within the technology curve is not just the future but in fact the present of even an experiential and people-based industry like hospitality.

About Jaibir Kohli

The forth generation of one of Mumbai’s most iconic hotelier families, hospitality is most likely a part of his DNA. Graduated from the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland, he has worked with hotels in India, France, Switzerland, the Maldives and across the Middle East, specialising in Asset Management & Development, with relevant professional experience gained during two internships with multinational businesses, and valuable insight into the ever-developing dynamic industry that is hospitality A true oenophile, he was awarded the Certificate of Excellence from the Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (CIVC) and was one of the youngest people ever to be invited by the French government to the Champagne region for a private tasting retreat.


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