Keeping up with the changing Landscape and expectations : Learning and Growth on the Go

Alice Bhebhe, a high value adding HR leader, makes her debut in the world of podcasts as she takes DLC members through the crucial sphere of HR approach towards learning and development.

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Alice describes how she learned Human skills and how she wishes to teach the same to others. She wishes to boost employee and teen productivity through enhancing their developed skills.
Alice discusses what it takes to be a leader and a mentor. Her advice about how to hold yourself responsible for your obligations as a mentor is that you must be aware of your boundaries and responsibilities towards your mentee.
Alice explains coaching in depth and how it can improve your quality of life and that of others - Growth and performance. According to her, you can use different coaching methods.
In this video, Alice explains types of feedback and the importance of it in coaching and mentoring. A flood of information overwhelms people's brains because of technology. As a consumer and as an employee, she explains how we can avoid it and become more productive.
As Alice points out in this final episode, it's important to focus on the purpose of your work and how to find your potential within the organizations you work for

About Alice Bhebhe

She is a recognised multidisciplinary high value adding HR Leader and Speaker in the areas of learning, Leadership development, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, coaching, mentorship and DE&I. Her mission and passion to unlock the potential of others and making a positive impact in the world, coupled with 10years plus leadership experience makes her a force to be reckoned with.


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