A Taste Palette: Science and Art Behind It

In this podcast, Abhijit discusses how he acquired a deep understanding of flavours and cuisines by traveling the world. Furthermore, he covers the current food trends and explains how to prepare a tasty meal using science and art.

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Abhijit talks about his love of food and wine and wants to help the audience appreciate what goes into meals. He talks about his travels and how different foods might be tasted according to their unique flavours.
Abhijit captures the essence of how he opened restaurants both in India and overseas. He discusses restaurants in detail, including how they cater to various clienteles, whether someone can strive to make their area more open, and other factors.
Abhijit shares how he launched a pet-friendly restaurant, the inspiration for it, and why it's crucial to expand the menu when situations become tough.
Listen to Abhijit discuss molecular gastronomy, how science is now involved in the food category, and how it is feeding clients in its own aesthetic manner.
Abhijit concludes the podcast by advising the listeners on the ideal dish for all types of people who appreciate various cuisines.

About Chef Abhijit Saha

Chef Abhijit Saha is the Founder & Managing Director Ace Hospitality & Consulting. The Coach and Mentor of Team India for Bocuse d’Or Asia-Pacific 2018, Guest Judge of MasterChef India and Technical Judge of Young Chefs Olympiad, He has three decades of national and international experience as a Chef, Restaurateur and Food & Beverage Consultant.


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