Are the plant based formulas is the next frontier in skin care regime.

Zane Piese takes the listener through her experience of confronting traditional practices in the healthcare and skincare industries.

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Zane Piese explains the possibilities offered by exclusively using plant-based products and shares her experience of creating Atlantis Skincare.
Zane elaborates on the fact, that products speak uniquely to different people. She emphasises different elements and various ingredients used in different skin products and the need for integrating various elements in your skincare regime. Hear her talk about being creative and inventive with various materials and shares her experience and passion for formulating her own haircare and skincare products.
Learn about the trends and a growing populace that demands a vegetarian lifestyle and does not settle for less. Zane highlights the need to understand this rise and how our bodies reciprocate to each element we consume.
Zane concludes by looking hopefully ahead to a future that is better than the past and optimistically talks about her life-changing formulas appreciated by women all around the world.

About Zane Piese

Zane is a passionate and dedicated skincare and wellness entrepreneur, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Her life-changing formulas are used and appreciated by Hollywood celebrities and women around the globe. Founder of multi award-winning brands Atlantis Skincare and Vauva Natural, with her newest venture being the Healthy Aging Academy. Both of her brands, Atlantis Skincare and Vauva Natural has won a total of 7 awards. Atlantis Skincare is a cruelty free, vegetarian and vegan friendly, waterless brand.


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