How pop art is a conversation starter!

Mr. Sanuj Birla takes the listener through a personal and light-hearted voyage to the modern sphere of Pop Art, and the amazing conversations that are ever-present in this world. Take a stroll through the creative masterpieces of this exciting young field and look at what the future holds for young artists going forward.

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Mr Sanuj explains the origins of what is today referred to as “Pop Art” and the impact of this form throughout the last 70 years.
Learn about the conversational nature of Pop-Art and the natural inclination of people’s curiosity about the work of an artist. Mr Sanuj highlights the importance of having one’s work displayed on social media as it helps him promote and showcase his work.
Listen to Sanuj give some insights and tips on marketing your own art. How to stay relevant in the industry is what he focuses on in this episode.
Mr. Sanuj concludes by looking ahead and talking about the possibilities that the near future holds for artists working in this field.

About Sanuj Birla

Self-taught Pop-Art artist, a brush in his hand felt completely natural so it was no surprise that he Excelled in art and design at school and turned his childhood passion into his profession. He creates large figurative paintings that are a collage of pop art, realism and surrealism. His artworks are with private collectors in India, London, Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, San Francisco & Kuwait just to name a few. Sanuj Birla is an Indian painter and sculptor whose works have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, China, and the United States. His art pays homage to the cartoon characters, superheroes, and famous movie characters that influenced him as a child in the 1980s. Birla’s figurative pieces fuse pop-art, realism, and surrealism. He places and combines his subjects in contrasting scenes, creating new, intriguing, and fantastical worlds.


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