Concept to Execution, advertising & networking In 21st Century – Dipak Agarwal

Dipak Agarwal is a finance-educated media professional who has a decade-year-old media outfit to his credit. When he founded OneX Solutions, he decided to harness sound legacy marketing principles with the amalgamation of contemporary advertising concepts, execution, & networking which has helped him service over 4000 clients in the 21st Century. Hear this intriguing podcast on just how he creates magic.

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Dipak Agarwal is a professional media personality who has seen the value of direct communication techniques and data in an innovative evolution of marketing techniques. From having a finance-driven education to taking the leap toward data-driven marketing, Deepak Agarwal explains just how potent and persistent a sound marketing campaign can be.
Data is a mesmerizing aspect of marketing and the right attributes that data-driven information throws out at you are an incredibly potent tool for enhancing marketing as well as business thriving opportunities. He explains how data can be a game changer in being able to specifically target consumers, especially in the online e-commerce space.
Understanding a target audience is one of the most important attributes of effective marketing. If the product is not correctly aligned towards the right socio-economic target sets, it makes the product, however high in quality, extremely ineffective, and not worthy of sale. The Content that is being thrown out into the public domain has to be well thought off and articulated.
The future of bulk messaging seems to be murky in India largely due to their usage to spam multiple users without properly targeting a valid target audience. Dipak Agarwal explains how bulk communication is in fact a game-changing concept to reach multiple consumers across brands and industries.

About Dipak Agarwal

Dipak comes with a passion in the fields of marketing, data mobilization and mobility. A successful entrepreneur, he quit his job at Ernst & Young and set up an entrepreneurial venture Onex Solutions, a digital media company which today has 3000 discerning clients including Tata Motors, Asian Paints, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc


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