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Dr. Shilpi Malhotra focuses on the wide dental world and gives tips to uncomplicate the dental issues. She also talks about how being equipped with the updated and advanced equipment’s is crucial.

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In this episode, Dr. Shilpi talks about how she is well suited to investigate various dental complications that include sensitive teeth, broken teeth, reducing gums, root infections and more. She also gives some tips as to how to take utmost care of teeth.
A toothache can freak anyone out. It is necessary to have a doctor who is great at calming their patients. Dr. Shilpi talks about how she comforts her patients and gives them the kind of treatment that does not scare them.
In this episode, Dr. Shilpi talks about how important it is to stay up to date with the technology and dental equipment as the patients can have their procedures in a timely manner and in a less painful way.

About Dr. Shilpi Malhotra

One among the most popular dentists in the city is Dr. Shilpi Malhotra (mirchandani & Malhotra Dental World) in Camac Street, Kolkata. Understanding that tooth related issues can be scary for many, this dentist has a very calm approach when treating patients which helps keep them calm. With an experience of 8 years in dentistry, the doctor is well suited to look into various dental complications. Dr. Shilpi Malhotra (mirchandani & Malhotra Dental World), Kolkata holds immense popularity in the city for being a dental facility equipped with advanced dental equipment for better treatment of patients. Right from regular dental check-ups and cleaning to more serious dental procedures, this dentist ensures every single issue is tackled with care and in a way that the patient feels at ease. There is a waiting area and a dedicated consultation area which ensures the patients feel at ease. Apart from the tooth and gum issues, the suggestions given by the dentist for maintaining proper dental health prove to be quite effective. Post-treatment care and prevention are given equal importance as that given to the procedures. The dentist offers medical services like Dental Examination


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