Businesses can be created with a clear vision of art

Rajvi Dedhia guides the listener through the wonderfully creative journey of the artist’s process and inspires you to freely express yourself in the canvases in front of you and feel the relief of the artistic release that humans crave so much.

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Rajvi Dedhia ponders on the nature of imagination, specifically in relation to art and colors, and tries to make sense of this mysterious process that usually gets taken for granted.
In this episode, Ms. Rajvi encourages the listeners to indulge in her way of thinking and try not to get bogged down by rigid logic of traditional thought. She shares experiences of expressing herself with hands and paint as a dancer would express herself through her body.
Learn about the artistic feelings of Ms. Rajvi, as she explains how she feels compelled to make art, and the days where it takes priority over sleeping and eating. She highlights the escape this process of creating art can be and the tunnel vision she acquires at times.
This episode focuses on dealing with criticism, self-doubt, and that little voice that questions you every step of the way. She emboldens her listeners into taking the leaps they wish to and express themselves on canvas.

About Rajvi Dedhia Unadkat

Rajvi’s work dwells in multiple layers and sensibilities which collide and coalesce on the pictorial surface for they unobtrusively replicate the rhythm of life itself. Movement juxtaposed with a deep stillness, textural nuances set against the absolute lack of it, synergise the composition. This leads the eye to wander and question the journey through her volatile inner worlds. Rajvi completed her BFA from the Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai and went on to further graduate from Chelsea college of Art and Design, UK. The young artist has been trained in print making during her education at the Sir JJ School of Art, and this probably informs the techniques that present themselves in her intricately layered works.


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