The “Grab and Hold” of Video Marketing

Vietek Ladislaav takes the listener through this extremely helpful journey to creating a marketing campaign capable of “grabbing and holding” your customers’ attention.

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Mr. Ladislaav explains the process of creating videos, be it promotional or other professional ventures, in a manner that reflect your workings and style. He shares his experience of video marketing for various business owners.
In this episode Mr. Ladislaav walks the listener through the steps involved in marketing the videos, using the right formats, and in the end growing your reach, viewership, and clients. He also shares his experience of being the CEO and founder of SquareMotion.
Learn about this revolutionary phenomenon of the modern video sharing culture, and its potential for business growth. Mr. Ladislaav highlights the need to use such tools for an effective marketing campaign.
To conclude the podcast, Mr. Ladislaav discusses his knowledge of online marketing and how it is changing the entire marketing environment. Additionally, the way that new developments are enabling marketers sell and reach out to a broad audience.

About Vit Kodousek

He is originally from Prague, Czech Republic, but since 2012 he has been living and working in Dubai, UAE. He is TV and Video Producer in his company Square Motion. Recently he co-founded fast-growing startup SOMELI – AI-generated social media library of ready-made content and automates the social media presence. He is also a digital artist, NFT creator, and crypto-enthusiast.


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