Religion Journalist at Buddhistdoor Global – Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam discusses religion journalism as one of the most difficult subfields. He also discusses how he has used this into his work. Other than this, he also sheds light on what exactly Buddhistdoor Global is all about.

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Listen to Raymond Lam discuss how difficult this field may be in this episode. He also discusses the true meaning of religion journalism, emphasizing the importance of having professional knowledge and how the subject matter is so sensitive that even the smallest error can result in angry outbursts
Raymond Lam, a writer, discusses how tough it can be to write about religious matters in 500 to 600 words, to say the least, because such topics are quite subtle. He also gives insight on how religious journalism in a democracy creates both potential and danger.
Different perspectives have different explanation as to why and how globalization evolved. In this episode, hear Mr. Raymond Lam talk about his take on globalization and the future of it.
Listen to Raymond Lam explain what Buddhistdoor Global is all about in this episode. He goes on to explain how it is an online Buddhist publication that offers a varied selection of English-language Buddhist content to people all over the world.

About Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam is religion journalist & senior writer at Buddhistdoor Global. He spent over a decade in the unique field of religion journalism, telling the story of how spirituality and faith drive human societies and culture, and remain integrally linked to our deepest urges for meaning. His outlook combines a contemporary, cosmopolitan curiosity about today’s world with a love of history and fidelity to tradition


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