Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

let’s stand stronger together.



Being unbiased towards our employees, recognizing their competencies irrespective of their background and awarding them with everything that they deserve. We at DLC believe that everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be provided with equal opportunities to flourish and succeed in an environment that enables them to do so.



The participation of people from all arenas of society, classes and creed from across the world is what makes DLC Community special. We recognize different personalities and individuals for who they are and what they bring. Diversity promotes individual growth and enhances employee work culture. We want to live as global citizens in an equitable and just world where we learn to respect each other’s thought process and abide by their cultural diversity.



We are committed to building an inclusive culture and helping industries across different domains more accessible. Our workplace, workforce, and marketplace approach demonstrate our commitment to move toward a world where ‘I’ becomes ‘We’

Diversity and Inclusion Drive
organizational Impact

A workplace rich in diversity, longingness towards equality, and whose vision stands by inclusivity has a statistically higher organizational productivity. DLC integrates evidence-based methods with transformative strategies and robust analytics to transform organizational culture and keep our core resources- “Our Employees” stay united together with our vision. We deliver holistic, personalized experiences that create meaningful change and support internal, personal, and lifestyle growth.


LGBTQIA, Men and women

We welcome and understand people from all genders and sexuality. We advocate for their just treatment at all times and empower them to proudly walk into the world for what they truely are.

Race, Religion and Nationality

Talent comes in all colors, races and cultures. All lives matter and this is what DLC believes in. We follow the philosophy of unity in this diversity and empower them to take a stand for what they truely believe in. We welcome citizens from all continents, countries,and cities.


Inclusion of disabilities

DLC is committed to including persons with disabilities in our employment ecosystem and workforce. We are dedicated to advancing and empowering people with disabilities of all forms and providing them with a platform to showcase their talent out in the world.

DLC Employee traits


Never Say "NO"


Cheerful & Optimistic




Modest & Humble


A Leader

We want to help empower people from all races & cultures to grow their careers, develop job skills, renter the workforce, and gain expanded access to well paying careers.


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